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tiny but oh, so mighty.

HELLO! Welcome to tinyBAKER! I am Mia, that person with the giant smile you see here. However, it wasn't always like that.

Born and raised in Tustin, California, I have always lived for the stage. Theater, music, performing, writing--you name it, I did it. However, life isn't always easy, and life becomes a rollercoaster and throws us loops now and again. I was diagnosed with anxiety and an eating disorder at a young age, and it completely shattered my world as I became bound to its effects.

So I settled for it for many years, becoming lost in anxiety attacks, therapy sessions, strife with family, losing friends, missing school, and issues with weight and mental health. School was NOT for me, my love for theater had become a hobby, and I thought writing was almost it...but what is the thing that would make me THRILLED to wake up to another day? To want to conquer this anxiety?

So I took a break from everything, prayed, and relied on God.. 

He reminded me of my true love for baking. That these weaknesses were robbing me from pursuing what I didn't want to admit I truly loved--desserts. baking. cooking. FOOD. Something my brain made an enemy..

And I was allowing it. I had to defeat it.

Slowly but surely, I gained courage. In a nutshell, I applied to CulinaryLab, got in to a 12 to 1 student teacher ratio pro-pastry program by God's grace, and was the youngest graduate in my class. The rest was history.

Thus, I'm a paradox. A walking contradiction. a tiny baker. In my recovery, baking is an outlet to remind myself that food can be, and should be, celebrated! NOT tolerated. On my rough days, I strive to appreciate the art of food--the joy and smiles I bring others through my creations--a sensational feeling, really.

So from cookies, cakes, breads, chocolates, and any other treat your heart can dream of, tinyBAKER celebrates sweetness because YOU DESERVE IT. WE deserve it!

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