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Chocoholics, have I found a breakfast for YOU!

Chocolate turtles are one of my FAVORITE candies. The chewy caramel dipped in smooth, milk or dark chocolate, mixed with the crunch of salty, toasted pecans -- ahhh YES. My mouth is watering.

I remember the first time I ever made them in culinary school, and being so fascinated at how they resembled a turtle.. and having the revelation that that's why they're called "chocolate turtles"...

I felt so stupid I didn't know...but of course, I pretended I did HAHA!

You can purchase tinyB's Salted Caramel Turtles here!

That being said, as you know, I have an unending obsession and infatuation with all things Overnight Oats. SO, i thought, what better way to eat one of my favorite candies for breakfast, than to create a healthy, sweet, DELICIOUS oatmeal combo that mimics the taste wonderfully?!

AND THUS: this Salted Chocolate Turtle Overnight Oats was BORN!

Don't let the word "healthy", or the "healthy ingredients" scare you away!! I guarantee smiles from ear to ear the moment you taste this chocolatey goodness! The dates give a sweet, candy-like flavor and texture that mimics caramel, and the cacao powder acts as the rich, smooth chocolate!

tinyB's Salted Chocolate Turtle Overnight Oats!

Calories Per Serving: 295

Serving Size: 1

Nutrition includes pecan garnish! I added bananas, which is not included, but makes a REALLY yummy add on or substitute. If you switch out any ingredients, which is totally acceptable, the nutrition may alter a bit as well! HOWEVER, this recipe is SO yummy and highly recommended as is❤️ so have fun, create, & ENJOY! you deserve it!😛 .


½ cup gluten free rolled oats*

⅓ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 medjool date, chopped

1 splash pure vanilla extract

2 tsp pure maple syrup

1/2 tbsp cacao powder

1-2 teaspoons chopped pecans



1. Mix oats, milk, chopped medjool date, chopped, vanilla extract, maple syrup, and cacao powder together in a glass* jar, and give it a nice, loving stir! Pecans/other toppings can either be mixed, or garnished at the top! Add salt!

2. Place in the fridge with the lid on tightly for 4 hours-overnight, or for up to 4 days!

3. ENJOY! you deserve it!!

If you make this recipe, take a picture and make sure to tag me on instagram (@_tinybaker), and/or use the hashtag #tinybaker! I HOPE YOU ENJOY and look forward to breakfast now as much as i do!


-Any oats will do just fine!

-Any milk will do just fine! If you want it a bit thinner, add ½ cup instead of ⅓ cup.

-You may also add a bit of chocolate chips for extra sweetness! I love using Lily's Sugar Free Stevia Sweetened Baking Chips--Milk or Dark!

-In my experience, glass mason jars always work the best because the glass gets colder than plastic, and the lids are tight and secure! But whatever works best for you, go ahead and use!


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